I joined It Works! Today!

So after much debate and going through every excuse in the book I decided to join It Works! Which if you havent heard of this company before, I definitely suggest you check them out.

I guess Ill start by explaining what the company is all about.  The easiest way I can explain it is by saying its a company dedicated to your overall health and wellness.  They have protein powder and supplements for fruits and vegetables. Pills to help with stress, Vitamins that release nutrients based on when your body needs them, and what they have that sets them apart from everyone else is THIS CRAZY WRAP THING.  I say it in all caps because you guys, it is seriously so awesome! These wraps can go ANYWHERE on your body, my sisters friend asked if she could wrap her chest, & if you know me you know I have a small chest so I couldnt imagine why ANYONE would want to do that, but heck you know what SHE CAN wrap her chest if she wants to! I mean if they develop a wrap that makes things larger,  than sure Id wrap my chest than 🙂 But they tighten tone and firm and they make wraps for your face too! it supposedly like a face lift in a wrap.  Dont quote me on that, I havent personally used one.  Now I know what your thinking, theres no way thats true, its a gimmick, and what I personally thought was you were just losing water weight cause I had heard of the wraps but I had never actually used one.

Anyways back to the wraps.  They can be applied anywhere you want to tone & tighten your skin. They help with reducing cellulite & I *personally* saw a huge difference in my stretch marks.  Now you guys I have had these stretch marks since I was about 12 and I hit a growth spurt where I grew like 3 inches in a matter of 6 months. They were the most disgusting things on the sides of my hips going up my thighs. I have tried stretch mark cream, you know the stuff pregnant ladies use and coconut oil, Nothing has even made a dent over a 2 week period and I noticed a difference just after 45 minutes.  I was amazed.

So ive heard about these wraps for a while now but what really caught my attention was when an old co-worker of mine started posting things about it on her Facebook page about how she was now a distributor of this amazing wrap company.  Now this girl is gorgeous and about half the size of me so when she posted that she was wrapping herself and was excited about how much she was going to “shrink” I thought “ok how could should she possibly shrink at all? she is tiny.” But than she posted before and after pictures of her and her friend, and to see someone you actually know results is really cool to see!  And than she was posting all this stuff about how she is going to be a “cash money millionaire” and get a $10,000 bonus. By that point I was intrigued. Especially because I remembered Anna to be a really nice, kind, honest person. So I knew that the stuff she was posting was not a gimmick, she actually believed in what she was talking about.  Every other time I had heard someone talk about it, they just seemed like they wanted to sell me something and get my money. But since it was Anna, I knew this had to work and that she was in fact going to be a cash money millionaire…. at least eventually :).

So I sent her a message asking for more info.  And she was really excited about it and we met up for coffee and she talked to me about it, She said it would take 30 minutes of my time, but I ended up using over an Hour of her time 🙂 🙂 what can I say, I had a lot of questions. She shared her personal story with me about her experience with the product and the success she has had with the company. So after picking her brain forever, I went home and did more research myself. ALL I really wanted to do was put that wrap on i was so excited!! So I put it on & I sat down with my boyfriend and we looked over what felt like EVERYTHING for over 2 hours.  It looked hard, but Anna told me it could be done and that she sees people achieve their goals everyday and get that $10,000 bonus and that she would support & help me to achieve my goals. I was still hesitant.  Theres some steps you have to do that can help you be successful.  So I decided I wanted to give that crazy wrap thing a try. I started talking to my Mom and sisters and aunts and people from work and other people I knew who might be interested in being a distributor as well.  Everyone wanted to see the product first before they committed to anything, it was kind of discouraging, but Hey I wanted to see it for myself to believe it so i understood where people were coming from.  Than since I knew distributors would be harder to find than loyal customers I started talking to people to become a loyal customer. but once again everyone needs to see it to believe it. Then I started thinking about how I was going to be working full-time and going to school full-time AND trying to build a business at the same time? that seemed really overwhelming.  I also thought hey everyone wants to get skinny for bikini season too though.  So I used the next 3 weeks to see what other people had heard about the product, if they used it or not and what there experience was. Then ultimately I decided What the hell do I have to lose? $99 to sign up to be a distributor and a chance to earn a $10,000 bonus?!?! What was I even hesitating for? Worst case scenario no one wants to buy a wrap from me and Id be out 100 bucks and id be *forced* to use the wraps on myself…..so terrible I know 😉  Seemed like a win-win to me. So that led me here.  I am now officially an It Works! distributor, we will see how this crazy wrap thing goes for me 🙂

Oh ps if anyone wants to check out the website for themselves:


Seriously you guys, the tape measure doesn’t lie 🙂