30 LBs in 90 Days

So I havent been keeping up on this like I thought I would….oops 🙂 Sorry it was a busy/ fun summer.  I  still LOVE all of my It Works! Products! I use Fat Fighters, Thermofit, & Greens Everyday 🙂 They are my staples 🙂   I use wraps too, but my goal is to work on my body from the inside first 🙂 Im young I got this, If Jennifer Aniston can be super hot with a smoking body at what like 50? I think at 23 I should be able to as well… SO  I AM STARTING a  30 POUNDS in 90 Days Challenge, TOMORROW (sept 23rd) Using It Works Products in my every day diet! From my understanding you dont have to work out extra hard, but just to eat healthier and what not.  So basically what it is, you take 2 thermofits at breakfast, 2 thermofits at lunch, 2 fat fighters after you fattiest meal (but not within 2 hours of taking thermofit) so Im thinking after dinner. And taking 2 regular pills before bedtime.  I havent used Regular pills yet, but they do just what they say…..they make you regular. Its important to cleanse all of the TOXINS out of all parts of your body… Now thats as much as I am going to talk about poop on my page 🙂  So thats the basic challenge 🙂 I think its meant for larger people who need to loose a lot more than the 20lbs i want to lose So to help my goals along I am going to be replacing my breakfast with our ProFit as well, its a soy and whey protein blend! (ok thats a Lie, I dont eat breakfast at all right now, yes I KNOW I SHOULD, Sorry) Anyways Im going to post pictures on here as well 🙂 I know im supposed to like tell you my starting weight and what not, but I wont, maybe when Im super extra skinny I will 🙂 Anyways wish me good luck at remember to take all my pills, Sometimes I get so busy I forget 😦 oops.  Heres to being 30 lbs lighter 🙂 Santa is going to have to bring me some new clothes 🙂 

For more information about products Im using or if youre interested in trying a wrap send me an email  @ SamJovanovich@gmail.com or go to my website Https://SamJovanovich.myitworks.com  You can order product there or sign up as a Loyal Customer and get MY wholesale pricing! 


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