Todays new product, GREENS

Today I got to try out another new product called “greens” This magical little thing gives you 8 servings of organic fruits and veggies in just a teaspoon!  A TEASPOON.  I maybe eat one serving of vegetables a day…. and now I can cram 8 into a single glass of water or juice?!?! Thats pretty cool! Plus they are supposed to give you a boost of energy so I wanted to try them out today.

So basically I had to work at 7 am.  I am not a morning person, at all.  7 am shifts usually mean a stop at caribou or Starbucks for this girl. Or a nap when I get home at 4.  But today I mixed a teaspoon of this stuff into my juice. I didnt drink any coffee today at all, I also only had about 6 hours of sleep. This stuff actually worked! I didnt get crabby or crash at all like I normally do after a mocha. I also only consumed 10 calories compared to the 400 from a coffee 🙂 Now thats a win….I mean yes the coffee tastes way more delicious but the greens are still good.  I put them in a mango Snapple, hey….it was the only kind of juice I had at the time.  The texture didnt really go that great together.  The greens didnt absorb into the liquid that well and it tasted kind of chalky, but I chugged it down anyways.  I had never heard of anyone having trouble with the texture of the greens before because it is a VERY FINE powder.  So I got home and I mixed a half teaspoon into a small cup of water and mixed it.  It mixed way better!! There was no chalky after taste at all and it went down smoothly 🙂  Ill probably just add it into my morning smoothie, I just didnt have time to make one this morning.  Like I said I am NOT a morning person.

Anyways, I got home around 4 and normally without any coffee I need to take nap Or I will be very crabby.  I came home today and did not take a nap, nor did I even want to take one.  It felt pretty awesome! Now its just been one day but I hope everyday is like this when I take Greens 🙂

Like I said, once my stuff got here I was going to be a much healthier version of me haha. So today I made David sugar cookies and I made myself Banana oat cookies (with mini chocolate chips 🙂 ) Dont judge me I already gave up the flour and sugar :).  They definitely were not as delicious as say an actual chocolate chip cookie, but they were not bad at all, I actually liked them.

More about my day, It sounds like a lady I work with wants to have a party (yay!) She really wants to try a wrap and wants one for her daughter So I told her about how if she gets 4 of her friends to wrap for $25 her wrap is FREE 🙂 and in her words I get to drive to her haha.

Seriously all I have been talking about at work is my new stuff 🙂 🙂 and making sure everyone is coming to my first wrap party!! I am just excited I cant help but talk about it… ALL. THE. TIME 🙂

My Party is a little less than a week away 🙂

SO come to my party 🙂 k. thanks 🙂


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