They ABSORB the fat so I DONT!

AHHH so today I got some of my new stuff to try 🙂 (yay*jumps up and down*) So Tonight I just used the Ultimate Fat Fighters about an hour or so ago!

First off, I AM SO EXCITED to actually get to try some of this stuff for myself now! Besides the wrap of course! SO EXCITED!

So tonight for dinner I made a recipe off of Pinterest (I LOVE Pinterest). It was super easy a can of cream of chicken with pork chops and a pack of hidden valley ranch seasoning in the crock pot for 6 hours.  So simple, and then we had mashed potatoes with it.  My picky boyfriend really liked it :).  So yeah definitely not the healthiest thing to eat dinner So I took 2 ultimate Fat Fighters about 20 minutes after I ate dinner.  They are supposed to absorb the Fat from your stomach so your body doesn’t!!  UMM so worth the $23.  Now you can take 1-2 pills.  They are made from a vegetable so they are natural.  Some people use them as a back up when they over indulge and others use them to overcome a weight loss plateau.  I am going to be taking 2 a day with my biggest meal and see what results I get personally 🙂 hopefully awesome ones!

They literally ABSORB THE FAT, it just makes me so excited! Now after you eat a bunch of food, especially carbs you get that “Im super full, bloated, I dont want to do anything” feeling.   I didnt feel overly full or bloated at all. I hope thats a sign there doing magically things in my stomach.

Ahh I FINALLY have stuff to use 🙂

I am one happy girl!


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