Why did I pick It works! products?

Now I am not an advocator for taking miracle weight loss pills or pills that boost your metabolism or other supplements or anything like that.  I am a strong believer that creatine and crap like that is terrible for you.  When my boyfriend gets on a work out routine I have to yell at him when he takes them because I honestly believe he could have a heart attack.  I know this sounds really hypocritical because in my booster pack comes “greens” and “fat fighters” which yes are supplements.  But you know what? they are made from NATURAL ingredients! NATURAL. So these “greens” I will be ingesting are actually organic fruits and vegetables. And these Fat Fighters are made from a cactus plant!  NO strange ingredients in these things!

Basically when I was becoming interested in It works it was to actually just use the product at first.  I am the fattest I have ever been in my life.  My “fat” jeans are even tight (Ahhh).  So that was when I knew I need to do something because I didnt like what I am seeing in the mirror. And I keep saying I am going to start working out and eating better and what not and blah blah blah.  But I am that person that is like “alright, I had a salad for lunch today how many pounds did I lose?” So I thought if I saw immediate results with a wrap it would be more motivation for me to want to maintain those results. Now since I was testing the whole “no change in diet”  I did not change how I was eating at all the past 3 weeks, but when my package comes in the mail, I am on a mission to be a new Skinny me 🙂 🙂 🙂 but like I said in my last post, I am still down 3 inches (woo!!!)  while still eating pizza and ice cream and what not.

So basically I am hoping this gives me that extra push to have the hot girl body I want 🙂


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