Hmm Did I really join that crazy wrap thing?!?!

So I took the leap and joined it works, I took a bigger leap, I got a booster pack to help build my business.  So I spent $300 and I have super awesome Mom.  She helped me out 🙂 and shes a great sales woman so she is going to help me out a lot 🙂 🙂 shes like my secret weapon.  So I am 1. SUPER EXCITED AND WAITING FOR MY PACKAGE TO COME LIKE SANTA IS COMING and 2. Im a little nervous that I may have taken on more than I can handle. I was thinking about signing up as just a loyal customer at first to really see how these products works, I am not really a risk taker at all. So this is causing a little anxiety.  But than I think about it. I have my mom who will do whatever she can to help me get my business/ product out there.  I have an awesome boyfriend who supports me as well.  And it sounds really strange. but I have Anna as well.  And were not like best friends at all more so acquaintances but she wants me to succeed as well so when she says she will help me anyway she can, I believe her.  And if i am successful so is she. So its actually seems like its going to be really fun.  So a few times i have thought OH MY GOD WHAT DID I JUST DO?!?!

But than I think about it, I have the opportunity here to gain FREEDOM.  If I do well at this, I can make my own hours, I can be my OWN boss. I can work when I want to.  If it helps me to not have to work full time while going to school….all the better!! Why wouldnt I want to at least TRY to accomplish that?

And I dont really have that many girlfriends but I am already meeting a bunch of really cool girls so maybe I will get some awesome friendships out of this as well! And these girls are so AWESOME.  Seriously.  I got added to a Facebook group of distributors and I was basically stalking the page today haha.  But its like this whole little community that just wants to help one another to achieve their goals and dreams. Its really cool to see.  I mean normally when you get a bunch of girls together its like mean girls, “You cant sit with us”  Women that support women is awesome! My favorite actress Sophia Bush taught me that, and you know what? shes right! it is AWESOME!

& if you know me, you know If i like something I dont just like it, I love it! If I Love something I am super passionate about it.  Taylor Swift for example 😉 haha I love my Tay 🙂 and I love these wraps.

So basically,

Im  a little nervous and whole lot of excited all at the same time, but I think I’ve made a good decision 🙂

Check it out 🙂 🙂


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