30 LBs in 90 Days

So I havent been keeping up on this like I thought I would….oops 🙂 Sorry it was a busy/ fun summer.  I  still LOVE all of my It Works! Products! I use Fat Fighters, Thermofit, & Greens Everyday 🙂 They are my staples 🙂   I use wraps too, but my goal is to work on my body from the inside first 🙂 Im young I got this, If Jennifer Aniston can be super hot with a smoking body at what like 50? I think at 23 I should be able to as well… SO  I AM STARTING a  30 POUNDS in 90 Days Challenge, TOMORROW (sept 23rd) Using It Works Products in my every day diet! From my understanding you dont have to work out extra hard, but just to eat healthier and what not.  So basically what it is, you take 2 thermofits at breakfast, 2 thermofits at lunch, 2 fat fighters after you fattiest meal (but not within 2 hours of taking thermofit) so Im thinking after dinner. And taking 2 regular pills before bedtime.  I havent used Regular pills yet, but they do just what they say…..they make you regular. Its important to cleanse all of the TOXINS out of all parts of your body… Now thats as much as I am going to talk about poop on my page 🙂  So thats the basic challenge 🙂 I think its meant for larger people who need to loose a lot more than the 20lbs i want to lose So to help my goals along I am going to be replacing my breakfast with our ProFit as well, its a soy and whey protein blend! (ok thats a Lie, I dont eat breakfast at all right now, yes I KNOW I SHOULD, Sorry) Anyways Im going to post pictures on here as well 🙂 I know im supposed to like tell you my starting weight and what not, but I wont, maybe when Im super extra skinny I will 🙂 Anyways wish me good luck at remember to take all my pills, Sometimes I get so busy I forget 😦 oops.  Heres to being 30 lbs lighter 🙂 Santa is going to have to bring me some new clothes 🙂 

For more information about products Im using or if youre interested in trying a wrap send me an email  @ SamJovanovich@gmail.com or go to my website Https://SamJovanovich.myitworks.com  You can order product there or sign up as a Loyal Customer and get MY wholesale pricing! 


Todays new product, GREENS

Today I got to try out another new product called “greens” This magical little thing gives you 8 servings of organic fruits and veggies in just a teaspoon!  A TEASPOON.  I maybe eat one serving of vegetables a day…. and now I can cram 8 into a single glass of water or juice?!?! Thats pretty cool! Plus they are supposed to give you a boost of energy so I wanted to try them out today.

So basically I had to work at 7 am.  I am not a morning person, at all.  7 am shifts usually mean a stop at caribou or Starbucks for this girl. Or a nap when I get home at 4.  But today I mixed a teaspoon of this stuff into my juice. I didnt drink any coffee today at all, I also only had about 6 hours of sleep. This stuff actually worked! I didnt get crabby or crash at all like I normally do after a mocha. I also only consumed 10 calories compared to the 400 from a coffee 🙂 Now thats a win….I mean yes the coffee tastes way more delicious but the greens are still good.  I put them in a mango Snapple, hey….it was the only kind of juice I had at the time.  The texture didnt really go that great together.  The greens didnt absorb into the liquid that well and it tasted kind of chalky, but I chugged it down anyways.  I had never heard of anyone having trouble with the texture of the greens before because it is a VERY FINE powder.  So I got home and I mixed a half teaspoon into a small cup of water and mixed it.  It mixed way better!! There was no chalky after taste at all and it went down smoothly 🙂  Ill probably just add it into my morning smoothie, I just didnt have time to make one this morning.  Like I said I am NOT a morning person.

Anyways, I got home around 4 and normally without any coffee I need to take nap Or I will be very crabby.  I came home today and did not take a nap, nor did I even want to take one.  It felt pretty awesome! Now its just been one day but I hope everyday is like this when I take Greens 🙂

Like I said, once my stuff got here I was going to be a much healthier version of me haha. So today I made David sugar cookies and I made myself Banana oat cookies (with mini chocolate chips 🙂 ) Dont judge me I already gave up the flour and sugar :).  They definitely were not as delicious as say an actual chocolate chip cookie, but they were not bad at all, I actually liked them.

More about my day, It sounds like a lady I work with wants to have a party (yay!) She really wants to try a wrap and wants one for her daughter So I told her about how if she gets 4 of her friends to wrap for $25 her wrap is FREE 🙂 and in her words I get to drive to her haha.

Seriously all I have been talking about at work is my new stuff 🙂 🙂 and making sure everyone is coming to my first wrap party!! I am just excited I cant help but talk about it… ALL. THE. TIME 🙂

My Party is a little less than a week away 🙂

SO come to my party 🙂 k. thanks 🙂

They ABSORB the fat so I DONT!

AHHH so today I got some of my new stuff to try 🙂 (yay*jumps up and down*) So Tonight I just used the Ultimate Fat Fighters about an hour or so ago!

First off, I AM SO EXCITED to actually get to try some of this stuff for myself now! Besides the wrap of course! SO EXCITED!

So tonight for dinner I made a recipe off of Pinterest (I LOVE Pinterest). It was super easy a can of cream of chicken with pork chops and a pack of hidden valley ranch seasoning in the crock pot for 6 hours.  So simple, and then we had mashed potatoes with it.  My picky boyfriend really liked it :).  So yeah definitely not the healthiest thing to eat dinner So I took 2 ultimate Fat Fighters about 20 minutes after I ate dinner.  They are supposed to absorb the Fat from your stomach so your body doesn’t!!  UMM so worth the $23.  Now you can take 1-2 pills.  They are made from a vegetable so they are natural.  Some people use them as a back up when they over indulge and others use them to overcome a weight loss plateau.  I am going to be taking 2 a day with my biggest meal and see what results I get personally 🙂 hopefully awesome ones!

They literally ABSORB THE FAT, it just makes me so excited! Now after you eat a bunch of food, especially carbs you get that “Im super full, bloated, I dont want to do anything” feeling.   I didnt feel overly full or bloated at all. I hope thats a sign there doing magically things in my stomach.

Ahh I FINALLY have stuff to use 🙂

I am one happy girl!

Just waiting for my stuff to come….Come to my party??

So while I have been waiting for my package, I have been logging into my website I have as well and it comes with all these awesome training videos and what not and its been super fun to just go over and through everything.  I literally feel like these people on my computer screen are setting me up for success. And the more I learn about everything the more excited I get about the product!  For example, 90% of people see results with there first wrap! and the rest basically see it in their 2nd! and for some people it takes 3, but most see results after just one wrap! I know I did! I spent some time talking to my mom and it sounds like she is going to have a party for some of her friends, because well they are older ladies and they are very interested in the FACE WRAPS.  My mom said she is coming with one of her friends for sure to my wrap party! which I am excited about, cause so far no one has really RSVP’d to my party 😦  But I have had a few people message me to ask more about it and most of them have never even heard of a wrap before! I mean summer is coming so people are always looking to tighten up before summer Right?!?!?  My mom is my first loyal customer cause she is an awesome lady and she cant wait to get her full 4 face wraps! and hopefully her friend will sign up as well 🙂 🙂 So if anyone else wants to be a loyal customer, sign up please and help me out 🙂 thanks a lot 🙂 ❤

Check out my It works! page!::::::


Why did I pick It works! products?

Now I am not an advocator for taking miracle weight loss pills or pills that boost your metabolism or other supplements or anything like that.  I am a strong believer that creatine and crap like that is terrible for you.  When my boyfriend gets on a work out routine I have to yell at him when he takes them because I honestly believe he could have a heart attack.  I know this sounds really hypocritical because in my booster pack comes “greens” and “fat fighters” which yes are supplements.  But you know what? they are made from NATURAL ingredients! NATURAL. So these “greens” I will be ingesting are actually organic fruits and vegetables. And these Fat Fighters are made from a cactus plant!  NO strange ingredients in these things!

Basically when I was becoming interested in It works it was to actually just use the product at first.  I am the fattest I have ever been in my life.  My “fat” jeans are even tight (Ahhh).  So that was when I knew I need to do something because I didnt like what I am seeing in the mirror. And I keep saying I am going to start working out and eating better and what not and blah blah blah.  But I am that person that is like “alright, I had a salad for lunch today how many pounds did I lose?” So I thought if I saw immediate results with a wrap it would be more motivation for me to want to maintain those results. Now since I was testing the whole “no change in diet”  I did not change how I was eating at all the past 3 weeks, but when my package comes in the mail, I am on a mission to be a new Skinny me 🙂 🙂 🙂 but like I said in my last post, I am still down 3 inches (woo!!!)  while still eating pizza and ice cream and what not.

So basically I am hoping this gives me that extra push to have the hot girl body I want 🙂

My wrap Results

So now that you’ve all read about my decision to join It Works! and why…..you’re probably all wondering why does this girl love this wrap so much? Now I think the whole stretch mark example was a good enough point on its own but there’s so much more it did as well.  So basically when I got my wrap I was so excited to just get it on and see what happened! I read that you should Saran wrap yourself to keep it in place and I thought for sure I had Saran wrap So I got home, ripped it out of the package basically at lightning speed slapped it on my stomach and went to the kitchen to get the Saran wrap……*not there* Then I of course remembered I used the last of it to wrap up cookies …..of course it was cookies, Im such a fatty. So I had a mini panic attack and I text Anna right away ” I DONT HAVE Saran wrap should I go get some” and she said to just wear form-fitting clothing to help keep it in place. Than I sat and watched an episode of Lost for 45 minutes.  I wanted to just rip it off and see the results.  And you are supposed to take before and after pictures, which I did, but I forgot to take one from a side view.  And of course that’s where I really noticed it.  Now I wasnt like magically BAM a size 0 or anything but I was definitely toner, and tighter and I looked less flabby.  Thats what I was mainly focused on was “how small do I look” And I was like yeah I look littler, but I FELT so much toner.  And than I got out the tape measure again.  I was down 2 inches!!! TWO INCHES! (OMG) NOW the key is to DRINK lots of WATER, half of your body weight in ounces to be exact, for the next 72 hours.  For those of you bad at math, hey no shame 🙂 thats 3 days. and you are supposed to KEEP SHRINKING (Shut the front door!) So day one I was drinking water like I was dehydrated.  I lost another half inch. thats 2 1/2 inches around my tummy 🙂 (*Big smile from this girl*) and day 2 is where I realized my stretch marks were way less noticeable.  When I first took off the wrap I was mainly focused on looking thinner.  But day 2 I thought I was just in weird lighting, I had to examine them further, they are not completely gone but they no longer reflect off the light and exude that ugly whiteness that they usually do.  I was amazed.  Im down 2 1/2 inches, I feel toner and more pulled together AND my stretch marks are less noticeable?!?! Somebody get this girl another wrap!!! ( a full treatment is 4) Seriously do you know how hard it is going to be to not use these wraps on myself?!?!!? Day 3 I was really busy and I basically forgot about drinking water, so i basically chugged half of my body weight in ounces in a matter of 30 minutes right before I went to bed (bad Idea I woke up 5 times to pee). So by that time I measured myself again and I was now down a total of 3 inches.  And let me tell you, I swear my love handles jiggled less.  these results are supposed to last 2-6 months with no change in diet.  I am on my 3rd week and I have not done another wrap, just the one and I am holding strong at 2 1/2 inches.  I ate a lot of pizza right before I last measured myself this week. So maybe Im still at 3 inches.  Ill let you know next week 🙂 . All I can think about is how badly I want to wrap my thighs and get rid of the cellulite on the back of my thighs.


Hmm Did I really join that crazy wrap thing?!?!

So I took the leap and joined it works, I took a bigger leap, I got a booster pack to help build my business.  So I spent $300 and I have super awesome Mom.  She helped me out 🙂 and shes a great sales woman so she is going to help me out a lot 🙂 🙂 shes like my secret weapon.  So I am 1. SUPER EXCITED AND WAITING FOR MY PACKAGE TO COME LIKE SANTA IS COMING and 2. Im a little nervous that I may have taken on more than I can handle. I was thinking about signing up as just a loyal customer at first to really see how these products works, I am not really a risk taker at all. So this is causing a little anxiety.  But than I think about it. I have my mom who will do whatever she can to help me get my business/ product out there.  I have an awesome boyfriend who supports me as well.  And it sounds really strange. but I have Anna as well.  And were not like best friends at all more so acquaintances but she wants me to succeed as well so when she says she will help me anyway she can, I believe her.  And if i am successful so is she. So its actually seems like its going to be really fun.  So a few times i have thought OH MY GOD WHAT DID I JUST DO?!?!

But than I think about it, I have the opportunity here to gain FREEDOM.  If I do well at this, I can make my own hours, I can be my OWN boss. I can work when I want to.  If it helps me to not have to work full time while going to school….all the better!! Why wouldnt I want to at least TRY to accomplish that?

And I dont really have that many girlfriends but I am already meeting a bunch of really cool girls so maybe I will get some awesome friendships out of this as well! And these girls are so AWESOME.  Seriously.  I got added to a Facebook group of distributors and I was basically stalking the page today haha.  But its like this whole little community that just wants to help one another to achieve their goals and dreams. Its really cool to see.  I mean normally when you get a bunch of girls together its like mean girls, “You cant sit with us”  Women that support women is awesome! My favorite actress Sophia Bush taught me that, and you know what? shes right! it is AWESOME!

& if you know me, you know If i like something I dont just like it, I love it! If I Love something I am super passionate about it.  Taylor Swift for example 😉 haha I love my Tay 🙂 and I love these wraps.

So basically,

Im  a little nervous and whole lot of excited all at the same time, but I think I’ve made a good decision 🙂


Check it out 🙂 🙂